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"Some of the best froyo around, the peanut butter
and the mango flavours are bursting with flavour!"

- Customer Review

Why Frurt?

By working with the best in the industry, we are able to offer the best frozen yogurt product on the market. We have come up with recipes that cater for a wider customer base.
Not only are our products FAT FREE, they are LOW IN SUGAR, LOW IN CALORIES and full of ACTIVE LIVE CULTURES. These are a few things which other frozen yogurt lack and also desserts that often contain artificial ingredients or high calories from fat and sugar.

* Please mention any allergies to person serving you at the time and they will advise you to the best of their knowledge


Frurt is an innovative frozen yogurt company offering a unique, one of a kind yogurt experience. Customers enjoy countless combinations of premium flavours that are exclusive to our brand, the combinations of toppings can range from fresh fruit to sweets and chocolates and in a simple but unique environment.

Enjoy the Frurt experience with friends, family and loved ones.